If your superannuation fund is incurring substantial costs or you want advice about how to boost your nest egg, then the experienced team at Podium Financial Services can cast its well-trained eye across your current superannuation arrangement and help you achieve the most suitable financial outcome for your needs.

Our team members are committed to providing unparalleled service to our clients for both corporate and personal superannuation. Whether it’s advising, implementing or maintaining superannuation for employers, employees or individuals, Podium Financial Services has the tools and knowledge to help.

When it comes time to retire, you don’t want to worry about how you’re going to cover your everyday living expenses. Podium Financial Services strives to assist individuals to create comfortable wealth for their retirement to ensure they can maintain their lifestyle after employment.

Our advisers can help you consolidate your superannuation funds to reduce your account administration fees and ensure the right superfund is selected based on your investment goals and objectives. They can also educate you on how to enhance your superannuation fund through personal contributions as well as whether there are other benefits like insurance available.

Podium Financial Services provides an enthusiastic and committed approach to corporate superannuation, as we understand it can be a complicated and sometimes confusing matter. To ensure our clients feel well informed, confident and financially secure, we provide education and create tailored superannuation strategies to suit each company and its employees.

Once Podium Financial Services has been appointed as the adviser of your company’s superannuation fund, we will take care of all the necessary work to simplify the transition process. Providing an all-encompassing superannuation advice service, clients can rest assured we will make sure the superannuation provider gives efficient administration and technical support.

When we work with, and on behalf of, employers, we ensure the following considerations are consistent with the company’s expectations:

  • simplified administration;
  • fees;
  • investment performance;
  • support and communication to members;
  • compliance and statutory obligations; and
  • member education.

Alternatively, when we work with employees, we understand that we need to consider certain factors, including:

  • fees;
  • setting the correct long-term investment strategy;
  • adequate and cost-effective insurance cover;
  • having a point of contact for any queries; and
  • receiving access to ancillary services.

By taking the above into consideration, as well as reviewing each client’s superannuation fund manager and/or administrator on a regular basis, we can ensure each company, and its employees, has the most suitable superannuation fund for its needs.